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Mycotoxins and Chronic Illness Summit

Event Name: Mycotoxins and Chronic Illness Summit
Event Starts: 19th April 2022
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

Mycotoxins (from mold) are in the food you eat and the air you breathe.

It’s hard to avoid them, unless you know what you are doing.

The effects of mycotoxin exposure can range from simple things like stress and weight gain, to serious chronic diseases, and even death!

If you have got a medical condition of disease, mold may be behind it.

80% of people diagnosed with lyme disease have an underlying mold issue.

EMFs are attracted to mold, and lead to electromagnetic sensitivity.

Mycotoxins can also be responsible for PCOS, SIBO, brain problems, chronic pain, poor libido, insomnia, digestive issues, and much more.

The good news is that if you have an underlying issue with mycotoxins, then your chronic illness is both treatable and reversible.

Learn how at the Mycotoxins and Chronic Illness Summit.


You will discover how to:

  • Solve the illness puzzle when doctor’s can’t diagnose you
  • Reverse memory loss, and prevent persistent brain fog
  • Lose stubborn weight by identifying mycotoxins in your diet
  • Relieve stress and stop anxiety attacks caused by mycotoxins
  • Reduce and manage chronic pain without drugs
  • Recover your libido, and reignite your relationship and love life
  • And much more…

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