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Mastering The Meno(Pause) Transition Summit

Event Name: Mastering The Meno(Pause) Transition Summit
Event Starts: 5th September 2023
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

We don’t talk about menopause.

We hide from it, we push it away, and we refuse to look at it in the eye.

We used code language like “the change”, and whisper it in the corners.

Society tells us that menopause means the end of the road.

You get hot flashes, pain, low libido, and it’s effectively like a death sentence.

But it’s all a lie that women have collectively bought into.


Menopause can be a powerful, beautiful, and transformative time for women, if they embrace the solutions that don’t come in a pharmaceutical bottle.

Dr. Sharon Stills knows this first hand, with over 20 years clinical experience in anti-aging and bio-identical hormone replacement therapies.

She built her medical practice upon helping perimenopausal and menopausal women take time to PAUSE, evaluate, and transform their lives.

Dr. Sharon has brought together 40 of the world’s leaders in this field for a week-long virtual event, Mastering The Meno(Pause) Transition Summit.


Discover how to have a peaceful, passionate, and empowering menopause.

Learn what you can do in the years leading up to it, for a smooth transition.

Manage, minimize, and even reverse all of your menopause symptoms.

Find out how to enhance your body to get the best sleep and sx of your life.

Become more powerful, re-balance your hormones, and ignite your libido.

Make the 2nd act of your life stronger, healthier and more vibrant than ever.


It’s time to celebrate, as despite what the world tells you, the best years of your life can still be ahead of you, using the advice in this summit.

You will also discover:

  • How to age in reverse by enhancing mitochondria and cell membranes
  • Ways to boost your energy by using the principles of bioenergetics
  • The “estrogen exit plan” that will literally change your life
  • How leptin resistance impacts, and DNA drives menopause
  • Fighting back against breast cancer through your lymph and teeth
  • Menopleasure – Yes, your s*x life can be even better than before
  • Why Vitamin G is crucial during menopause (but what is Vitamin G?)
  • The power of detoxification in the transition stage of menopause
  • How toxins, the adrenals, and the thyroid impact your transition
  • Brain changes in menopause that you NEED to know about
  • How to manage your mood during menopause, so you aren’t a monster
  • The confusing difference between perimenopause and menopause
  • And much, much more…

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