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Keto Virtual Summit

Event Name: Keto Virtual Summit
Event Starts: 13th January 2022
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

I’d be surprised if you haven’t heard about Keto.

The ketogenic diet continues to grow in popularity.

It’s now become one of the most recommended diets by weight loss experts.

Keto is also being used by people for many other reasons, incl. to increase brain power, gain more energy, and overcome food and sugar addictions.

But what is the real truth about Keto?

To be honest, I haven’t fully looked into it as yet.

So watching the Keto Virtual Summit is a good place (for us both) to start.


You will learn:

  • How to do Keto right, without starving yourself or have boring meals
  • Why Keto fuels your brain, and gives you increased brain function
  • How to kill your sugar addiction, without sacrificing sweets completely
  • Why doctors recommend Keto for women with PCOS and menopause
  • How Keto literally melts away fat, & gives you an improved body shape
  • Keto adaptation for both sports performance and advanced recovery
  • How to bio-hack ketosis, through calculating ketone levels, and more
  • Is Keto safe for people with heart disease, diabetes, and dementia?
  • How to boost energy and accelerate disease healing through Keto
  • The carnivore type Keto that makes you feel better than at 20 years old

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