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Healthy Pregnancy Summit

Event Name: Healthy Pregnancy Summit
Event Starts: 19th August 2021
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

If you are trying to have a baby, but having trouble conceiving.

If you are currently pregnant (doesn’t matter what stage you are at).

Or if you want to be some time in the future, then you MUST watch this!

32+ pregnancy experts share their most proven strategies to conceive, have an easy full term pregnancy, and most of all, give birth to a healthy baby.


You will learn:

  • How to successfully conceive (even if you have tried for many years)
  • Which medications (& supplements) you need to avoid when pregnant
  • The exact steps to take for high risk pregnancies
  • How to prevent morning sickness and nausea
  • Proven techniques to reduce pain during pregnancy
  • The truth about down syndrome, spina bifida, and other disorders
  • How to prevent (or minimize the risk of) miscarriages and stillbirths
  • Can you have sex during pregnancy?


I’ll be watching this summit, even though I don’t have a baby on the way.


Because I feel that the topics it covers (as seen above) are about crucial issues that I want to know about for the future (when a baby is on the way).

I’d recommend doing the same. You might need this info one day.

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