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Healthy Pelvic Floor Masterclass

Event Name: Healthy Pelvic Floor Masterclass
Event Starts: 18th September 2023
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

The latest statistics show that 50% of women are living with some sort of pelvic floor dysfunction. (That’s 1 in 2 women!)

These women are afraid to sneeze in public in case they wet their pants.

They’re disconnected from their partners because of pain during intercourse.

They’re used to the fact they have to plan their day around bathroom breaks.​​

​​​​They’re forced to wear ​​​​incontinence pads during exercise and going out.

They’re told that this is the life they have to live after menopause hits.

But it isn’t.


​​​​​Post-menopausal women accept this life because of false information coming directly from the $20+ billion dollar incontinence product industry.

They stand lose to billions if women ever found out that 90% of pelvic floor dysfunction issues are fitness issues, NOT medical issues.

This means that you can do something about incontinence, pelvic floor pain, and painful sex, and there are specific exercises which ​​you fix these issues.

​​Jana Danielson can show you how in the Healthy Pelvic Floor Masterclass.
She has already helped 10,000+ women STOP stop peeing their pants, being scared of intimacy, waking up at night, and being chronically fatigued.

​​They now have renewed confidence and freedom when going out, satisfying intimacy with their partners, untroubled sleep, and a happy energized life.

And here’s an interesting fact:

Constipation, bloating, tight hips, cold tingly feet, and lower back pain, can all be caused from pelvic floor muscles that do not work properly.

​​​​​So if you are suffering from any of these as well, Jana’s methods can reverse those conditions (and more) too.

IMAGINE waking up 30 days from now…

Having all those problems disappear…

Being fully rested because you slept through the night…

Having the best sex of your life…

Walking around with full confidence because you won’t have any accidents…

Not having to plan your days around bathroom breaks…

AND living a truly happy life free from all the previous pain.

This dream life can be a reality, and you can add your name to the 10,000+ strong list of women that Jana has restored healthy pelvic floor function to.

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