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Healing with Vibration 2.0

Event Name: Healing with Vibration 2.0
Event Starts: 4th April 2022
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

Everything in the universe has a frequency, a vibration, and is energy.

All living things (including you) are composed of these energy fields.

Vibrational medicine practitioners have recognized this, and know that disease and suffering are actually just disruptions in the energy fields.

Their unique brand of healing uses frequencies and vibrations to enhance your body’s natural ability to heal …. and it works like magic.

The physical, emotional, and spiritual healing is literally off the charts.

This is how the body works, and these methods can truly restore your health.

After all, vibrational healing is not something new, and has been practiced by ancient and indigenous healers for centuries.

They relied upon dancing, the beats of drums, blowing into pipes, harnessing the power of the sun and flowing water, and much more.

Today, everything from EMFs, trauma, and toxins can cause energy blockages, and we need to use updated and more powerful methods to heal.

Homeopathy, grounding, infra-red therapy, vibrational humming, quantum healing, and plant vibration medicine are just a few of the new modalities.

You will learn about these and more in Healing with Vibration 2.0.

We know that energy blockages and disruptions cause many health issues.

Cancer, autoimmune disease, leaky gut, poor sleep, mood disturbances, and many unexplained health challenges have been linked to them.

Learn how to protect and harmonize the vital flow of energy in your body to reverse chronic illness, pain, stress and trauma!


You will also discover:

  • Vibrational healing modalities & how they work
  • Techniques you can start implementing today to heal yourself
  • How non-beneficial energies cause disease
  • Links between immune dysfunction & emotions
  • The energetics of healing cancer (fast)
  • Frequencies that can access & address unconscious trauma
  • How to tell you are grounded with a correct earth energy connection
  • Why behavior cannot be changed through willpower
  • The 6 steps of emotional detoxification, and getting your life back
  • Toxins that can cause genetics to express in a disease state
  • How negative thoughts and emotions impact genetic expression
  • Why quantum healing is the key to better health
  • And much more!

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