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Healing Pain: Root Causes & Solutions Masterclass

Event Name: Healing Pain: Root Causes & Solutions Masterclass
Event Starts: 30th October 2023
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

Every human experiences pain at one time or another.

Maybe its an upset stomach, a headache, a sports injury, an accident at home, an emotional episode, or a traumatic event.

Pain is part of our daily lives, but suffering and living with pain is a choice.

Because chronic pain is fully reversible once the root cause is discovered.


Chronic pain now affects more than 30% of people worldwide.

And a 2019 survey showed it affects over 50 million adults in the US.

The side effects of pain can be devastating, causing depression, isolation from friends and family, and a diminished quality of life.

Nobody should have to live like this, and you no longer need to…


Because the answers can be found in Healing Pain: Root Causes & Solutions Masterclass.

This event lets you release the shackles that chronic pain has over your life, by getting to the root of its most common triggers.

And you won’t need to worry about the side effects or dangers of conventional medicine, as they provide effective natural solutions in its place.

Plus, the solutions work fast, and you can get relief from pain the same day.


You’ll also discover:

  • How the food you eat affects pain
  • The best natural alternatives to pain killers drugs
  • How to align your posture to remove pain
  • The certain pain killers that actually increase pain
  • How incorrect breathing patterns affect pain
  • The link between inflammation and pain threshold
  • How lectins from seeds and grains create pain
  • The specific grain that targets the joints with pain
  • Lectin glycoprotein (known as the invisible thorn)
  • How painkillers actually destroy parts of your body
  • The efficacy of high-dose nutrition therapy for pain
  • How parasites both physical and emotional pain
  • The pain-relief salt bath you can do at home

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