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Healing Kitchen: Let Food Be Thy Medicine

Event Name: Healing Kitchen: Let Food Be Thy Medicine
Event Starts: 12th September 2023
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

What if you’ve been getting sick because of what you’ve been eating?

What if human illnesses were caused by people forgot how to use plants?

What if you’re tired because you’ve been eating foods that lacked vitality?

What if you don’t need to be on all those pills, and there was a better way?

The answer to all those questions is YES, according to The Healing Kitchen, a film which explores powerful medicinal foods for the diseases of our time.


Modern society has shifted to a diet consisting of mainly processed foods.

But even the range of fruits and vegetables we eat is as little as 10% of the variety of natural foods that our ancestors had access to and enjoyed eating.

The saddest part is that these foods deliver more nutrients, helping your body run better and stay healthy, and even heal your body from diseases.

With the power of nature’s pantry, you can heal from autoimmune disease, heart disease, chronic pain, obesity, diabetes, depression, and even cancer.


Healing Kitchen: Let Food Be Thy Medicine, delves into the most potent food medicines known to humanity, and the collective wisdom of our ancestors.

They will show you step-by-step how to create plant-based healing recipes that target specific health conditions and vital systems within your body.

This documentary is like your favorite cooking show, but with medicinal foods and a deep dive into the origins and health benefits of each ingredient.

These natural power dishes, steeped in ancient knowledge, give you access to a healing power that has been resting on your own kitchen table.

If you are not convinced to watch this documentary yet, I urge you to watch the trailer video, and the shots of the food will make your taste buds water.


You will also discover these 20 things, and more:

  • A delicious ancient Indian ayurvedic gut-healing recipe
  • A nourishing tea that gives peace and tranquility in the mind
  • A superfood soup that removes harmful toxins and pathogens
  • A powerful fire cider that stops colds and flus in their tracks
  • A traditional Japanese dish full of macro and micronutrients
  • An anti-inflammatory culinary herb called the “heal-all” spice
  • A simple but effective cough syrup using easy-to-find herbs
  • A flavorful soup from Thailand with immune-boosting mushrooms
  • A culinary spice for memory, known as the “herb of remembrance”
  • A tropical superfood that can prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia
  • A pantry first-aid for treating migraines and removing pain fast
  • A tasty nutrient-packed broth that restores blood and heart health
  • A compound found in plants that is a close relative of hemoglobin
  • An ancient Chinese medicine practice that is magic for circulation
  • A sweet and low-calorie snack that gives you an energy pick-up
  • A healthy smoothie that settles digestion and boosts your energy
  • A range of time-tested remedies for scrapes, cuts, burns & rashes
  • A delicious detox soup that removes toxins from organs and skin
  • A veggie pasta dish loaded with anti-aging phytonutrients
  • A donut with medicinal properties that heals the endocrine system

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