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Healing Habits: Simple Shifts for a Health-Filled Life

Event Name: Healing Habits: Simple Shifts for a Health-Filled Life
Event Starts: 21st March 2022
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

What to do if you are chronically sick, and haven’t been able to get better?

Maybe you have been to a lot of doctors, purchased a lot of medicines, supplements and programs, and attended a lot of free summits.

What is holding you back from your wellness dreams is likely bad habits.

And the simple solution is replacing bad habits with Healing Habits.

Yes, you can overcome fatigue, depression, and chronic health conditions.

You don’t need to be exhausted, sluggish, have brain fog, or be in pain.

Follow the new science of forming healthy habits, from today’s leading doctors and researchers, and overcome all of these conditions.

In the new summit, Healing Habits: Simple Shifts for a Health-Filled Life.

You will learn that it’s not about having willpower, it’s not about setting goals, it’s not about following a routine, and it’s not about having a special app.

Healing Habits are formed through doing, not acquiring new information.

You will learn the exact steps to follow to build unstoppable momentum towards full healing and living an amazing healthy life.

If you’ve tried before and failed, maybe many times, this is what you need.

Best of all, these Healing Habits are easy to follow, and can even be fun!

Overcome your health challenges, and live a vibrant, health-filled life.


You’ll also discover:

  • The best tools for creating positive change in a short amount of time
  • Why kids are projected to have a shorter lifespan than their parents
  • Coping mechanisms for stress and depression that don’t include food
  • The best time to eat breakfast, and what night eating does to the body
  • How to optimize your circadian rhythm for better sleep & more energy
  • Strategies for breaking bad habits, and driving them out for good
  • The difference between a great goal and a well-life vision
  • A surprising spice that curbs sugar cravings, and helps you lose weight
  • How increasing happiness affects your health in so many ways
  • Common medicines that destroy our metabolism, and make us fat
  • Tactics to address adverse childhood experiences (ACE)
  • The unexpected benefits of getting your hands dirty in the garden

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