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Healing Genesis Reloaded

Event Name: Healing Genesis Reloaded
Event Starts: 18th December 2023
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

Gloria Sharlein was one of the millions who suffered a covid vaccine injury.

Her life was miserable, sapped of all energy, and with extreme heart pain.

But now she is back in the gym, lifting weights, swimming, all without pain, and having 100% of her covid vaccine side effects go away.

The healing was so great she even healed a cyst that was in her breast.

Gloria’s story is just one of many from people who have found a solution for the deadly covid vaccine injuries & side effects so many people experienced.

But this healing protocol has been around for a while now, and can be used on many diseases, including cancer, diabetes, and autoimmune disease.


Lorri Otto was someone who had no idea what was wrong with her, but she was in a terrible state of health, and her condition left the doctors baffled.

It turns out she was infested with internal parasites, and once the protocol killed them off, she felt incredible in a way she never knew was possible.

These are just a couple of stories from Healing Genesis Reloaded.

It’s a 12-part docu-series where world renown experts share the truth about real, long-lasting, natural healing protocols… that work.

These protocols produce some of the most incredible health transformations.

People who are lost, without hope, and ready to give up, restore their health.

And they not only regain their lives, but they thrive like never before.


The video trailer for this event starts off with a seemingly outrageous claim.

Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine are safer than chemo and radiation.

In fact, Dr. Ardis says he believes it’s 1 billion percent true (and it is).

It’s interesting, because over the last few years, as patients have used these anti-parasitic drugs for covid, many have had their cancers just vanish.

But Dr. Ardis also says that these drugs are not even needed to cure cancer.

Most prescription drugs are just patented copies of herbs found in nature.

And natural anti-parasitic herbs, and other herbs, have been curing cancer and other diseases for centuries.


Another key to curing cancer is to change the diet and get more nutrition.

As long as the gut is working, because if it’s not, diet and nutrition wont work.

In fact, many people get success with using a special diet from hundreds of years ago… you know… back when our food used to be food.

This “ancient” diet doesn’t compromise our gut lining and allow invaders to leak inside us, but it helps to heal the gut and get full nutrient absorption.

There was a fascinating discovery by a doctor on the gut’s relationship with long covid disease (an excuse for vaccine injuries, but nevertheless…)

Firstly, he found medicines that worked, but the long covid came back after they stopped taking the medicines.

What he found was that ALL of them had gut issues, so the medicines were acting like a band-aid for the long covid symptoms.

When he focused on healing the gut, only then did they return to full health.


This documentary series goes very deep into the true causes of illnesses, many unknown health dangers, & presents many top-shelf healing protocols.

While I don’t agree with the views of every speaker in this docu-series, especially on covid related matters, I still highly recommend you watch it.

The natural healing protocols you’ll learn are of the highest effectiveness.

I’d like everyone to be in perfect health, and this series can help do that.

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