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Gut Check

Event Name: Gut Check
Event Starts: 18th November 2022 (6-week screening period)
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

The source of 90% of all chronic disease has been discovered.

And just in time…

Because 50% of the world (USA at 60%) now has at least 1 chronic disease.

1 in 3 children (and adults) are now classified as obese.

We’ve got epidemics of fatty liver disease, diabetes, heart disease, & cancer.

Autoimmune conditions like Hashimoto’s, lupus, and Crohn’s keep rising.

Then there are the many brain-related conditions like depression, anxiety, insomnia, & cognitive dysfunction that are being seen like no time in history.


The good news is that we’ve now learnt how to build immunity and disease resistance through our microbiome, the true source of chronic disease.

It’s a key player in our immune health, hormone health, and neurological health, meaning that if it’s out of whack, so are all of those body systems.

The microbiome consists of trillions of microorganisms (bacteria, protozoa, and other lifeforms) that live both inside and on the outside of our bodies.

Our genes don’t dictate our health alone, but rather our diets and lifestyles alter our microbiomes, and this leads to either good or bad health.


How is your health at the moment?

And more importantly, how is the health of your microbiome?

If you are not truly feeling 100%, then it’s time for a Gut Check.

The microbiome has been described as “the next frontier in medicine”.

You can learn how to heal yourself through your microbiome, in the groundbreaking 6-part documentary series: Gut Check.


You will also discover:

  • How gut health influences our overall health, and causes disease
  • Why the foods we eat cause anxiety, depression, and brain fog
  • The impact that pesticides & herbicides in our food have in our guts
  • Is leaky gut always permanent, or are there ways to heal from it
  • How the microbiome keeps world record stress levels under control
  • Prediction and prevention of Alzheimer’s and dementia with the gut
  • Overcome addictions (sugar, drugs, & more) by fixing the microbiome
  • Why too little (or too much) fiber is a big problem for the gut
  • The correct way to prime the immune system to reverse autoimmunity
  • How immune dysregulation causes infertility, allergies, and fatigue
  • The reason why 70% of Americans don’t believe they can lose weight
  • Which probiotic strains are amazing, and which ones are harmful
  • The exact actions you need to take to improve your health… Today!

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