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Global Energy Healing Summit 2.0

Event Name: Global Energy Healing Summit 2.0
Event Starts: 28th March 2023
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

Did you know that the vast majority of distant energy healing trials showed an incredible positive treatment effect on ANY medical condition?

It’s true.

Yet people still have the gall to dismiss energy healing as being ineffective.

But for those scientists and doctors who do review the medicine literature and the trial results, are left astounded at how powerful it is.


Energy healing works for 2 reasons.

Firstly, it tackles the root cause of the problem: an energy imbalance.

Secondly, it works because every human has this innate ability inside them.

Our bodies can heal from any disease, but those abilities get shut off if a particular area of the body experiences an energy imbalance.

If we can correct these imbalances, and learn how to identify and harness the healing energies inside us, we can focus it on healing from disease.


For centuries, our ancestors understood the incredible power of energy.

Yet that knowledge has been lost over the years, with Big Pharma shifting us towards their “maximum profit” style of medicine, expensive and ineffective.

Those who remain today with this energy healing knowledge are able to apply it to not just casting away chronic illness.

But they also know how to use it to increase brain power, create happiness, attract abundance, boost vitality, and find peace and balance in life.


One of those people is Tom McCarthy, the best-selling author of The Breakthrough Code, and now a famous speaker and entrepreneur.

For years, he suffered from crippling anxiety and chronic pain, and after exhausting all traditional medicine options, he discovered energy healing.

Tom found energy blockages that were leading to his symptoms and making him sick, and was able to completely turn his health and life around.

And now he can help you do the same, as the host of the Global Energy Healing Summit 2.0, where you learn to resolve your energy deficiencies.


The summit also features 40+ speakers, teaching you how to detect and optimize your energy, and become a healer for both yourself and your family.

You can use these methods to heal disease, improve your finances, find happiness, overcome trauma, master moods, and live a life of prosperity.

When you fix the root cause (of any problem) you regain your energy for life.

This summit is one that will genuinely change your life forever.

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