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Free the Children Homeschool Summit

Event Name: Free the Children Homeschool Summit
Event Starts: 14th July 2022
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

Government schools aren’t just failing to educate your children…

But they’re actively HARMING them, both in the present and the future.

If you surveyed school children, you’ll find they are incredibly miserable, which is why you hear them say “school sucks”, and they hate learning. ​​

Children enter the school system happy, and as naturally curious learners.

Instead, they are turned into mind-controlled slaves, ​​​​actively serving and obeying the orders from corporations and the government.

They become docile, lose the ability to think critically, become blindly obedient, start parroting lies like they are truths, ​​and many are suicidal.

In fact, the highest rates of obesity, depression, self-harm, and suicide are now seen in children in their high school years.

They are bullied at school, pressured to get high marks, and are now being taught strange ideologies like choosing your gender and white privilege.

The violence in schools is growing, with gang-bashing, stabbings, shootings, and they are surrounded by other children on mind-altering medications. ​​

Statistics show that schools cause lasting mental trauma on children, and impact their future prospects of both success and happiness in life.

Except for children that have been homeschooled, who are the happiest among their peers, and grow up to be adults that parents are proud of.

​​​​The upcoming event, Free the Children Homeschool Summit, will show you how to undo the damage of public schools…

And ​​restore your child’s confidence, intelligence, and bright personality.

The statistics and studies prove​​ this is true, as homeschooled children:

  • Score up to 30 percentile points above public school children on tests
  • Typically score above average on both SATs and ACTs
  • Have better social, emotional, and psychological development
  • Have greater success into adulthood (including college)

​​​The world’s #1 teacher, John Taylor Gatto, has been warning for years that public schools are purposely designed to dumb down your children…

And this is why over 3 million families in the US have already got out of it.

Home schooling is truly taking off, and it’s never been easier to get started.

You can now have a say in their education, choose what you want and don’t want to be taught, and individualize their curriculum to suit their needs.

​There is a myriad of educational choices, homeschool networks, tutors, teaching experts, and learning resources available to parents.

​​And you can learn more about them at this critically important summit.

If you have school-aged children, you owe it to them to explore the homeschooling opportunities that are currently available in this summit.

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There is also a homeschool ready workshop, for those who are serious about giving the children the education they need, and deserve.

It can be attended either in-person, or online, and further details are below.

Event Name: The Homeschool READY Workshop
Event Starts: 29th-31st July 2022
Event Cost: Varies