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Explore the Power of Placebo to Reveal the Healing Keys of your Biofield

Event Name: Explore the Power of Placebo to Reveal the Healing Keys of your Biofield
Event Starts: 2nd November 2022
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

You almost certainly know about The Placebo Effect: When doctors give a fake medicine, but the patient thinks it’s a real medicine, and then gets well.

Responses from the placebo effect include changes in heart rate, anxiety levels, blood pressure, pain perception, fatigue, and even brain activity.

Placebo has been well studied, proven, and nobody doubts it’s existence.

But if you believe in placebo, why can’t everybody think themselves well?

This aspect of placebo hasn’t been studied much.. at least in the mainstream circles.. but new there is now new research indicating a “missing magic”.

The mind alone is not sufficient to produce powerful healing responses.

But with the presence of a few missing elements, we can induce powerful healing in our bodies, and activate the regeneration power of the placebo.

From an energy medicine standpoint, the concept of healing essentially refers to the restoration of harmony with our biofield.

The biofield is the energy field which surrounds and permeates our body.

We are just discovering that the biofield is changing when placebo-based healing is occurring, proving it plays a vital role in mind healing experiences.

And we now know that you can not only heal yourself miraculously, but you can also become a healer and perform healing on other people.

It is possible to develop your biofield to such a strength that it becomes a healing field for others, or you can do other things like “calm” a room.

Dr. Shamini Jain found that the key to these healing powers is to proactively achieve the placebo effect, without having to be “tricked” into activating it.

She is teaching this, and sharing more of her discoveries with her research, in an incredible 1-hr online event that delves deep into “The Placebo Effect”.

This is one hour of your life you will never forget, as you discover the practice to unite your senses and gain powerful healing abilities.

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