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Experience HighSpeed Healing

Event Name: Experience HighSpeed Healing
Event Starts: 14th April 2022
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

HighSpeed Healing is Debora Wayne’s unique approach to energy healing.

She uses beneficial vibrational frequencies to release disturbances in your biofield, which opens you to a state of being where healing is possible.

It works on both physical and emotional pain, as well as any disease.

Debora has been featured on PBS, GetWell, Ask Dr. Nandi, and Medium.

She is truly an expert in her field, and is known for her ability to facilitate miraculous recoveries in her patients and clients.

This includes chronic fatigue, IBS, migraines, inflammation, arthritis, carpal tunnel, TMJ, lyme disease, fibromyalgia, gut-health issues, and migraines.

Being the founder of the International Chronic Pain Institute, she has treated neck & spine pain, and even pain from past surgeries, and emotional trauma.

Other emotional issues include depression, anxiety, binge-eating, addictions, insomnia, panic attacks, and past traumatic events from accidents and harm.

Debora has overseen thousands of recoveries from basically every condition you can think of, including the mystery ones that doctors can’t diagnose.

How is this possible?

As Debora explains, everything is energy, including your pain and symptoms.

Which means that energy healing can work on and reverse any condition.

The band of healing frequencies which Debora accesses reside in her own biofield (This is the energy field that surrounds each person’s body).

They are so powerful that some people have experienced spontaneous healing from merely hearing her voice, seeing her, or being in her presence.

And you now have the chance to experience HighSpeed Healing for yourself.

Debora is conducting a complimentary 1-hour demonstration session, and she invites you to personally join her and participate in the event.

You will learn how to perform HighSpeed healing for yourself and others, and access a state of consciousness where dis-ease does not exist.

This event is your ticket to a healthy, more vital, and enjoyable life.

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