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Environmental Toxicants, Autoimmunity, and Chronic Diseases Summit

Event Name: Environmental Toxicants, Autoimmunity, and Chronic Diseases Summit
Event Starts: 11th April 2023
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

Modern society is becoming obsessed with fasting and detox.

Scientists are excited because studies have proven that fasting alters the insides of cells to make them age slower, hence slowing our aging process.

And Hollywood goes nuts over detoxing, because it clears and de-wrinkles the skin, removes excess belly fat, improves sleep, & gives them more focus.

But there is so much more to fasting and detox.

Fasting and detoxing can reverse autoimmune disease, chronic diseases like lyme, MS, and cancer, and even put a stop to cognitive decline.

They do this because they get to the heart of what is causing the problem in the first place: environmental toxicants, heavy metals, and pollutants.


The Environmental Toxicants, Autoimmunity, and Chronic Diseases Summit is the first summit to explore these toxicants in great detail.

They’ve got 50+ experts on fasting, nutrition, detoxing, functional medicine, science, and much more, giving all they know on this serious topic.

Because in modern society, there is no way to escape exposure to the tens of thousands of dangerous toxicants in the environment and our lives.

They’re in almost everything we eat, in our clothes, homes, workplaces, almost every item you can buy from the shops, and even in our medicines.

So if you’re suffering from an autoimmune or chronic disease, or just want to remain healthy, or optimize your health to the max, this summit is for you.

Toxicants are the primary cause of disease and aging, so take notice now and learn how to protect yourself, before it’s too late to make a change.


You will also learn:

  • Ways to reverse autoimmune disease through food
  • How to go from wheelchair bound to riding a bike in 8 months
  • The best ways to test and image for heart disease
  • C60 – the antioxidant that is non-toxic no matter how much you take
  • The impact of faulty bioenergetics on mental health
  • Most important ingredients to avoid in personal care products
  • The impact of forgiveness on healing
  • What is biological age, how does it differ from chronological age
  • Top environmental toxicants that you need to avoid at all costs
  • Low hanging fruit action items to get healthy faster
  • How toxins mess with fertility, and natural ways to cure it
  • The ways plants are perfectly designed to hydrate us
  • Why some people don’t tolerate detoxes, and need a pre-tox
  • How to cure constant flows of negative thoughts
  • The pitfalls of detox nobody talks about, but you need to know

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