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Energetic Resiliency in the Electromagnetic Era of 5G

Event Name: Energetic Resiliency in the Electromagnetic Era of 5G
Event Starts: 18th December 2022
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

Most of us know that EMFs from our electronic devices are dangerous.

We are surrounded by and bathing in invisible frequencies from phones, microwaves, Wi-Fi, bluetooth devices, and more.

They’ve been proven to cause brain fog, migraines, compromised immune systems, fertility issues, multiple sclerosis, & many different types of cancer.

With the EMFs getting stronger and more pervasive with the technologies the government has planned for us, we’ve reached a critical junction in time.

We simply must start to learn how to protect ourselves from EMF damage.


According to Dr. Melanie Smith, there are ways you can take advantage of these modern conveniences while remaining safe from their harm.

It all comes down to keeping your biofield protected from the EMF onslaught.

Dr. Melanie is a leader is the field of Energy Medicine, and has worked with 1000’s of clients to repair their biofields and give them an EMF “immunity”.

She is hosting a complimentary 1-hour online workshop, called Energetic Resiliency in the Electromagnetic Era of 5G.


This workshop is a deep dive into EMFs, and how exposure to them is affecting you, and making you ill (in both the short and the long term).

You’ll learn about the pineal gland and vagus nerve, the facts and fiction around 5G, and how to spot signs of EMFs having affected you.

Dr. Melanie will teach you specific energy medicine exercises which not only protect you from EMF damage, but can reverse any past exposure effects.

One of these protections is an exercise known as the “deep state regulator”, and once you have this in your armory, you’ll be highly resilient to EMFs.

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