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End Game: The Coming Collapse And How To Survive It

Event Name: End Game: The Coming Collapse And How To Survive It
Event Starts: 8th March 2022
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

If you think the last year has been bad…

Let me assure you there is a lot more pain coming.

“Nothing is so permanent as a temporary government program”

This quote was by Milton Friedman, and it’s 100% accurate.

The masks, constant testing, and border restrictions are here to stay.

But what the governments have in store for you is going to be far worse.

It’s all leading to their End Game:

A massive financial collapse that will put The Great Depression to shame.


We are going to see:

  • Commodity prices will skyrocket and we won’t be able to afford food
  • Everyone will be microchipped and tracked wherever they go
  • Plane travel will effectively be banned, except for the ultra-elite
  • Many people will face power cuts and gas and fuel shortages
  • A communist China social credit system will be forced on us


The worst is yet to come.

So… what can we do about it?

Nobody wants to live life like this.

The solutions are covered in the upcoming series:

End Game: The Coming Collapse And How To Survive It

All important topics are covered, including money, work, homeschooling, prepping, investing, survival, the economy, and how to find the truth.

The series will air online for F-R-E-E but …

Those seats will fill VERY QUICKLY, so don’t hesitate.


I’m sure you can already see the warning signs.

The electrical grid is extremely vulnerable.

The public school system is disintegrating.

Crucial information is being censored and restricted.

Civil liberties are being eroded and are disappearing.

And Wall St. is riding the biggest bubble in human history.


We are on the verge of a massive downfall of society.

You need to know where to put your money to survive the crash.

You need to know how to protect your family from what is coming.

You need to know how to survive with energy, shelter, food, and water.

This series will tell you EXACTLY what to do to escape their End Game.

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