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EMF Health Summit 2.0

Event Name: EMF Health Summit 2.0
Event Starts: 12th July 2021
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

5G Signals, WiFi, Smart Meters, Dirty Electricity – It’s everywhere

Are people dying from it, or at the very least, being harmed?

Thousands of independent studies say YES.

These EMFs (Electro-magnetic fields) are causing people to suffer.

Modern devices and technology are poisoning our environment, harming our children, and causing a very long list of serious diseases.

So how do we escape it?

Find the answers to this question, and see the proof of their danger first hand, in the upcoming EMF Health Summit 2.0


You will learn:

  • How EMFs cause premature aging and hair loss
  • The 6 Essential Oils which mitigate EMF damage
  • The biggest non-native EMF danger known to mankind
  • How dangerous is it to live near power lines and transformers
  • The #1 nutrient for repairing EMF damage
  • How to turn your home from a danger to a healing sanctuary
  • The top 2 supplements for reducing EMF sensitivity
  • The household appliances which emit huge amounts of EMFs
  • A little known herbal remedy which protects you from EMFs
  • The dangers of energy efficient lighting, and what to use instead

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