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EMF Hazards Summit 2023

Event Name: EMF Hazards Summit 2023
Event Starts: 2nd February 2023
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

Did you know that you are being exposed to a Master Toxin, every day?

It’s a toxin so dangerous because it makes other toxins even more harmful.

For example, if you get exposed to a chemical, this master toxin has the ability to make that chemical 2x, 3x, or even 4x, (or more) powerful.

What is this master toxin?

It’s EMFs (Electromagnetic fields).

And we’re being exposed to them from all the cell phones, wi-fi, bluetooth, phone towers, 5G towers, and now these crazy “satellites” in the sky.

The governments and regulatory agencies don’t care about the dangers.

In fact, they’ve been bought out, by the telecommunications industry.

For example, a report by the Environmental Working Group found that child wireless radiation limits should be 100+ times lower than the limits in the US.

They tell us it’s safe, but the science says the opposite.


Scientists have already confirmed that EMFs:

  • Disrupt every single system in the body
  • Cause Alzheimer’s
  • Shrink the size of the brain
  • Cause ADHD and child behavioural problems
  • Deplete antioxidants
  • Cause Rapid Aging Syndrome
  • Lower energy levels
  • Cause tinnitus
  • Reduce sleep quality
  • Cause insomnia
  • Lower fertility rates
  • Cause skin rashes
  • Make you depressed
  • Cause anxiety
  • Lower immunity levels
  • Cause brain fog
  • Increase levels of fatigue
  • Cause migraines
  • Increase the risk for all types of cancer
  • Cause chronic inflammation
  • Disrupt the human biofield
  • Cause pre-menopausal symptoms
  • Lower metabolism levels
  • Disrupt the microbiome
  • Lower testosterone levels
  • Disrupt hormones
  • Increase stress levels
  • Deplete mitochondria
  • Lower antioxidant levels
  • Cause a number of different “mystery illnesses”


The situation is dire.

The new science on EMFs (last 2 years) is extremely concerning.

And the 5G networks are going to be a real killer.

There will be big lawsuits in the future over EMFs, and the question is…

Will you be seeking compensation, as you die from an EMF related disease?

Or will you educate yourself on the dangers now, protect yourself and your family from these hazards, and live a healthy life?

The government won’t be helping you on this one.

It’s up to you to learn about the hazards of EMF yourself.

And you can do it by watching the EMF Hazards Summit.

It’s hosted by Nicolas Pineault, better known as “The EMF Guy”, and author of one of the best rated books on EMF radation in the world.

You will learn exactly how the EMFs effect you, the real truth about the 5G networks, what is coming in the future, and the full list of hazards from EMFs.

Discover how to identify if you have symptoms of electrohypersensitivity, what level you are at, and mostly importantly, how to reverse this condition.

Plus, you’ll get easy and affordable solutions to protect yourself today, including how to clean up EMFs, and protective supplements & technology.

The EMF danger will only get worse in the future, so mark this down as one of the “must-watch” summits of 2023.

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