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Discover the Power of Biosonic Tuning Fork Frequencies

Event Name: Discover the Power of Biosonic Tuning Fork Frequencies
Event Starts: 2nd December 2023
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

Throughout history, sages have championed the idea that we are inherently vibrational beings, a sentiment echoed by today’s scientists.

This vibrational wisdom is at the nexus of ancient wisdom & modern science, culminating in sound-healing techniques that elevate your wellbeing.

Dr. Beaulieu, PhD, has used these sound-healing methods for over 40 years.

As a composer, psychologist, naturopathic doctor, and sound healer, he is recognized as a global authority in both sound-healing and energy medicine.

Through his research, he has found that neural networks can both form and disappear at near-lightspeed, continually changing the structure of your body.

Your constantly adapting nervous system can be influenced positively by sound-healing, to create better health and well-bring through neural repair.


Dr. Beaulieu is presenting a free 1-hour event where you can learn how to use the vibrational frequencies to improve everything in your life, called:

Discover the Power of Biosonic Tuning Fork Frequencies: Vibrational Medicine for Cultivating a Flow State Within Yourself & With the World

He’ll demonstrate how the connective tissue in your body conducts frequencies, using his Biosonic Tuning Forks, and a resonator box.

It’s truly amazing how your intention & thoughts change the nervous system.

In addition to tuning forks, you’ll also learn about sound healing with sounding bowls, and your voice, including unlocking the power of mantras.

When you learn how to harness your natural frequencies, you will see an amazing physical and emotional alignment, and incredible body healing.

This is truly an amazing field of medicine and science, and Dr. Beaulieu will show you first-hand proof and scientific evidence that sound-healing works.

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