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Diabetes Transformation Summit

Event Name: Diabetes Transformation Summit
Event Starts: 25th July 2022
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

422 million people worldwide are living with diabetes (WHO statistics).

But that number is dramatically rising each year, as people on the pre-diabetes spectrum are being pushed over the edge into full-blown types.

It’s a frightening trend, because when not managed or treated, in addition to its own danger, diabetes leads to a stack of life-threatening conditions.

You can develop heart disease, kidney failure, nerve damage, dementia, Alzheimer’s, strokes, blindness and eye diseases, and much more.

Yet diabetes can easily be prevented, managed, and even reversed.

You can find out how in the Diabetes Transformation Summit.

They cover all types of diabetes conditions, including type 1, type 2, type 3, pre-diabetes, and even the rarely heard of type 1.5.

And the solutions are suitable for all age groups, from the elderly to children.


You will learn:

  • Strategies to safely get through the day while living with diabetes
  • The critical warning sign that saves you from diabetic brain damage
  • Nutritional approaches to maintain healthy blood sugar levels
  • How to properly use continuous glucose monitors (CGMs)
  • The early signs of pre-diabetes and how to stop it in its tracks
  • Differences between insulin sensitivity, resistance, & dysregulation
  • How sleep issues could be behind your blood sugar imbalances
  • The specific type of algae that can protect you from diabetes
  • How to prevent diabetic blindness (& even throw away your glasses)
  • 2022’s latest and most powerful methods to reverse diabetes

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