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Conscious Parenting Docu-Class

Event Name: Conscious Parenting Docu-Series
Event Starts: 7th September 2021
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

Never in history have parents faced such unique challenges raising children.

The environment is polluted with toxic chemicals, and harmful technology.

Schools have become a breeding ground for bullying and disrespect.

Fun and imagination have morphed into antisocial phone and TV addictions.

And healthy food has been replaced by chemical laden frankenfoods.


Parenting might have become the world’s toughest job.

It used to be fun, and filled with enjoyment and excitement.

But now it’s a drag, time-sapping, stressful, and unfulfilling.

How do we get back to the old days, and enjoy parenting again?

And most importantly, keep your children safe, and raise them well?


In the Conscious Parenting Docu-Series, you will hear all the answers from over 30 childhood experts (and parents), from a wide range of specialties.

The images below show just a glimpse of the topics that are covered.

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Click the button above to go to the Main Docu-Class Page