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Cancer Breakthroughs Summit

Event Name: Cancer Breakthroughs Summit
Event Starts: 31st October 2023
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

Lives get turned upside down when the doctor reveals a cancer diagnosis.

And now 1 in 2 adults (and growing) will hear the words “You Have Cancer”.

Chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery are the choices given by the doctors.

But there are other options that are natural, safe, and without side effects.

And you can learn what they are at the Cancer Breakthroughs Summit.


This summit is more than event – it’s a movement.

Every aspect is covered, from medicines that really work, to mental health support, to eating right, and dealing with emotions and family issues.

And it is especially recommended for those who have cancer, have a loved one with cancer, or those wanting to prevent a recurrence of cancer.

You can beat cancer by both identifying the root cause of the cancer, and by strengthening the bodys natural ability to heal from cancer (and all diseases).

The Cancer Breakthroughs Summit gives you the latest treatments and the little-known secrets to prevent and heal from any type of cancer.

Plus you’ll join an expert community ready to assist you in your fight.


You’ll also discover:

  • How certain foods can prevent cancer from ever forming
  • The role of mitochondrial signalling in cancer gene expression
  • How ozone kills off cancer cells, and how to administer it
  • The potential pitfalls of extreme diets for cancer patients
  • How to eliminate cancer cells without any medications
  • The role of estrogen in cancer development and progression
  • An ancient technique that disrupts the cancer cell wall membrane
  • The amazing potential of ferroptosis in killing cancer cells
  • Why gluten impacts cancer, regardless of Glyphosate
  • The clinical benefits of Metatrol, from fermented wheat germ
  • How algae’s unique nutrients restore mitochondrial function
  • The metobolic similarities between fungus and cancer
  • A first-hand account of a Radical Remission Survivor’s story
  • The immunological effects and merging uses of Mistletoe

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