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Build a Blissful Business Masterclass

Event Name: Build a Blissful Business Masterclass
Event Starts: 26th September 2023
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

There is no way we can rely on being an employee to survive anymore.

With what’s happened over the last few years with all of the covid measures, someone has to pay all that debt back, somehow, in the very near future.

The governments are going to be taxing us and stealing our assets, and it’s going to lead us into the worst recession the world has ever seen.

If you think the layoffs in the last few years were bad, just wait a little longer.

And even if you are an “above-average” person who would be desirable to hire, you probably won’t want to follow their “requirements” to get a job.

Before covid, there were already many companies requiring their employees to get microchipped, and that’s going to be expanded very soon.

Of course, many companies then required vaccines as a prerequisite for work, and now we are even seeing forced medications as requirements.


The future is extremely bleak, and I’ve long been a strong advocate of getting out of the workforce, and starting your own business.

It’s the only way to get income security for the future, and health safety too.

And the 2 fields I recommend are farming/food, and health.

We are already seeing food shortages, and people already farming or growing food will always be needed, as we’ll always need to eat.

And now, as our population is becoming sicker than ever, and the health care systems are failing, health related services are in huge demand.

And there are so many different aspects to alternative health services, that practically anyone can start a business, even without any experience.


If you are wondering where to start, my friend Krissy Chin is presenting a free masterclass on how to start a 6-figure online business now.

Krissy was a former RN, who left the workforce to start her own company online in 2017 (Good move, since many nurses got laid off recently).

Within her first month, she had 1400+ paying customers.

And within just 20 months, she passed $1 million is sales.

Today, Krissy makes around $1 million in revenue annually, and the best part is she prioritizes time with her family, and only works when she wants to.

Krissy’s method can work for anyone, and you can create a more happy life, getting to more time with your family, and have income security for the future.


The proven strategies Krissy shares in her masterclass are suitable for people wanting to start a business, and those who already run their own.

It’s based on 6-figure CEO’s secrets, building automation to give you more free time, and the creation and expansion of multiple revenue streams.

You’ll learn how to confidently automate, streamline, and systemize your business, without knowing a thing about technology.

And you’ll discover the single greatest key to getting back 4 more hours each day while scaling your business to 6 figures and beyond. (Yes, it’s possible!)

The webinar is suitable for those currently working as, or wanting to become, health professionals, coaches, product sellers, therapists, & entrepreneurs.

In fact, it doesn’t even have to be in the health field, and works for anything.


And just to re-iterate, I do follow the plans of the “elite” and the governments closely, and I’ve read their documents where they detail their future plans.

Their plans for 2030, and even for as far as 2050, are incredibly scary.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to have your own business.

So I highly recommend joining this webinar with Krissy, as you’re going to get a heap of valuable information, and get yourself on a safe path for your life.

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