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Brave: Reloaded

Event Name: Brave: Reloaded
Event Starts: 28th November 2022
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

The doco’s trailer starts off with this statement “For over 100 years they have been poisoning us with toxins in the environment and calling them viruses.”

There is some truth to this statement.

For example, it is now well known that the polio outbreaks of the 40s and 50s were in fact DDT poisoning, and that a polio virus was never proven to exist.

The latest science has also shown that the pictures they show us of viruses in the medical textbooks, are actually beneficial organisms healing the body.

So why is everybody getting sick today?

You are either eating, drinking, or injecting yourself with poisons, or breathing in some of the chemicals the governments are spraying everywhere.

It’s simply toxins that are making us sick over these last few years.

And toxins that we have never really been exposed to in our lifetimes.

We’ve got hand sanitizers, bacteria in masks, and chemical sprays.

People are getting sick from these, as well as from the vaccines.


So what can we do to recover from these illnesses, and protect ourselves?

Thankfully, there are natural protocols that can heal your body from all CV related injuries, and reverse the gene-alterations from mRNA “vaccines”.

You won’t hear this stuff from Big Pharma, because it cuts into their hundreds of billions of dollars in sales and profits.

This works for vaccine injuries, toxin overloads, and autoimmune disease.

Because they stem from the same root cause, where the toxic “invader” triggers the immune system and your body starts attacking itself.

Once you treat the problem, and give your body what it needs to repair itself, you’ll experience miraculous healing.

All of this information is in the 9-episode docu-series, Brave: Reloaded.

A new and updated version of Brave: Live Courageously, Heal Miraculously.


You will discover:

  • How Dr. Buttar nearly died from heart poisoning, and how he survived
  • Emerging protocols that restore DNA to normal after mRNA vaccines
  • What naturopaths are using to protect people from “vaccine shedding”
  • Detox protocols for heavy metals, mold, parasites, and graphene oxide
  • The best way to protect yourself from the damaging effects of EMFs
  • What natural medicines and supplements Everyone should be taking
  • The importance of boosting your immune system in our current climate
  • An amazing protocol to not only cleanse the body, but restore nutrients
  • The factors which indicate whether you are at greater risk of blood clots
  • How to lower your risk of cancer and blood clots, post CV vaccine
  • And much, much more…

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