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Body Electric Summit 2.0

Event Name: Body Electric Summit 2.0
Event Starts: 30th January 2023
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

When it comes to pharmaceutical medications, it’s not always about healing.

Instead, you get risks and side effects, that can actually derail your recovery.

It’s time to move to new health modalities that turn the tide in your favor.

New modalities like pulsed EMF and infrared light therapy, and old modalities like sound healing and meditation, are energy & frequency healing methods.

Plus there is advanced hydration, liquid crystal communication, intentional energy, quantum ortho photonic medicine, and plant stem cells.

Disease is a disruption in the natural energy patterns in our body, and we can use these modalities to get far greater results than big pharma ever can.

Your body is electric, and until we acknowledge that, we can never truly heal.


Discover a NEW approach to accelerated healing and powerful health, through the use of both ancient and cutting-edge technology.

Although we are living longer lives, we are not living better lives, and are sicker than ever before – the old methods of medicine are not working.

Biofield medicine recognizes that a state of disease is simply you having lost your optimal frequency, and your electric body needs to be recalibrated.

Energy, frequency, & vibration can be used to create a resonance of healing.


You can learn exactly how to do this, and activate a new level of healing, at the Body Electric Summit 2.0, hosted by Dr. Christine Schaffner.

Dr. Christine’s typical patient has been sick for months, years, or even decades, and has usually seen over 20 doctors before they come to her.

Does this sound like a journey that you are on, searching for a solution?

Would you like to be like Dr. Christine’s patients, becoming well and finally finding the answers to your health problems after searching for so long?

In this summit, you’ll not only learn from Dr. Christine, but also other pros in the fields of bioenergetics, EMFs, integrative health, & anti-aging medicine.

They have the answers to get you back to a health-filled and energized life.

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