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Biology of Trauma 3.0 Summit

Event Name: Biology of Trauma 3.0 Summit
Event Starts: 1st August 2023
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

We all experience trauma.

Big events happen in our life that we may not know how to handle.

We then store these experiences in our bodies.

Trauma doesn’t just become our psychology, but becomes our biology.

Over time, stored trauma can cause an array of problems that take a toll on our relationships, mental health, and even our physical well-being.

We now know that trauma is associated with and proven to cause all kinds of symptoms, conditions, and medical diagnoses.

These include autoimmune conditions, MS, chronic fatigue, sleep trouble, pain, and gut, heart, skin, lung, bone, and neurological problems.

These are not just random occurrences.

These are physical manifestations of trauma.

And then when you see a doctor, you get pills or a talk, but never a solution.


The Biology of Trauma 3.0 Summit has the solutions the doctors wont give.

It’s hosted by Dr. Aimie Apigian, a double board-certified physician and the leading medical expert on stored trauma in the body.

You’ll uncover the trauma-disease connection, and the 40+ modalities that connect your mind and body to deliver deep healing and lasting recovery.

Each day you’ll learn different methods from the top experts on how to identify and find the missing piece of your healing puzzle.

These include renowned experts in the fields of trauma therapy, functional medicine, neuroscience, mental health, psychology, and physiology.


If you’re struggling with your health, feel like you’ve tried everything, but can’t get your health back to normal, then a past trauma could be the cause.

You could continue to struggle and not see any results.

You could continue to be sad and frustrated with your life.

You could continue to see your health deteriorate and get worse.

Or you could join this amazing summit, resolve all of your past traumas, and get your health and life back, and feel amazing again.

It’s your choice.

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