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BioEnergetics Summit

Event Name: BioEnergetics Summit
Event Starts: 1st November 2022
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

This is a summit like you have never seen before (and maybe never heard)

It’s on BioEnergetics: the field which encompasses the ways of our bodies manage our energy levels, everything from breathing to climbing mountains.

And unlike other summits, it contains both interviews AND raw teaching.

Our bodies are like rechargeable batteries – over time they lose their ability to fully charge, and soon can only get up to 70%, 50%, 30% of our max energy.

Energy is used to breathe, beat the heart, digest, walk, and heal, and the body prioritizes the most important functions first.

As we age and our batteries lose their maximum recharge ability, that’s when we lose our mobility & get diseases (because we can’t heal them anymore).

Insomnia, inflammation, anxiety, depression, gut issues, chronic illnesses, pain, and even cancer, are a few of the red flags that something is wrong.

We need to detect your energy levels, correct any dysfunctions, and protect them from damage, in order to give you full energy (for the rest of your life).

Yes, you can restore Amazing Energy, like you had when you were younger.

Harry Massey is living proof of this, as he was bedridden with chronic fatigue for 7 years straight, until he found the solutions which reversed his energy.

He became a BioEnergetics pioneer, and invented the BioEnergetics Wellness System, which contains non-invasive, simple & effective therapies.

Harry is partnering which Dr. Greg Eckel to host the BioEnergetics Summit.

They will be teaching the main principles of BioEnergetics which can be used to quickly and easily restore your energy and your health.

With full energy capacity, your body regains the ability to act as the self-healing machine it was designed to be, and can heal from all diseases.

Discover why the Quantum Field is the new foundation of youth and vitality.

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