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Autoimmune Answers

Event Name: Autoimmune Answers
Event Starts: 25th September 2023
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

You are about to click through to an emotionally charged video trailer.

It features the story of Nataliya, a American woman who was suffering from an autoimmune condition, and was in constant, and extreme pain.

It was so bad that her doctors said they would amputate her legs in 2 weeks.

But she came across a natural protocol saved her legs… and her life!

At one stage, she saw parasites coming out of her body, and said the relief was immediate, like she became another person, and suddenly was normal.


Nataliya’s story is unfortunately, one that is all too familiar.

Why are western doctors failing to treat autoimmune disease?

Why are routine tests always negative even though patients are clearly sick?

Why do western doctors refuse to investigate the root cause of any disease?

Why are side-effect laden drugs prescribed to only mask the symptoms?

Why do they ignore dietary factors that we know affect autoimmune disease?


You can hear Nataliya’s full story in the doco-series, Autoimmune Answers.

As well as stories from other people in the same boat, who followed the right diets, took the correct supplements, and recovered to shock their doctors.

Western medications only offer a short-term fix (with long-term side effects).

But you can recover naturally from any autoimmune condition by detoxing those medications and other accumulated toxins from your body.

Getting rid of the toxic load will drastically improve your immune function, and dietary changes combined with the right nutrients will finish the job.


Hippocrates said that all disease begins in the gut, but it is now said that intestinal permeability is at the root cause of most, if not all disease.

Autoimmune Answers explains why you need to stop eating foods that cause holes in the intestine, thereby stopping a path for toxins to get into your body.

Once that is solved, you’ve got to deliver certain nutrients to help with the repair and recovery, and permanently remove the toxins from the body too.

This amazing doco-series is your personal guide to beating autoimmunity.


You will also discover:

  • Why diet alone can’t beat autoimmune disease, and what else to do
  • The link between herbicides, pesticides, and autoimmune diseases
  • Studies that show newborn babies have up to 287 chemicals in them
  • Why Alzheimer’s disease is now being classified as Type 3 Diabetes
  • The proof that Alzheimer’s drugs actually make it progress faster
  • How chemicals in water, swimming pools & plastics damage the thyroid
  • Why C-section babies are at greater risk for gut issues later in life
  • The shocking link between inflammatory responses and depression
  • How milk is coming from pregnant cows, giving us too much estrogen
  • Studies that show bad childhoods can cause 360% more heart disease

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