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Absolute Healing

Event Name: Absolute Healing
Event Starts: 30th January 2023
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

“This is a revolver with 13 holes in it, and one bullet. Who wants to spin that revolver and play Russian roulette with this horrible vaccine? Not me. You shouldn’t either. Nobody should.”

According to Dr. Brian Proctor, getting the CV vaccine is like playing Russian roulette… and he knows this from experience.

Not only has he seen countless patients suffering from CV vaccine injuries (and dying), but he lost a beloved family member as well.

“My aunt was pretty healthy. She was 79 years old. She took her second booster and passed away three days later. This is a common occurrence. We all know somebody who’s probably had something similar happen to them.”

It looks like there could be MILLIONS of vaccine injured people in the US alone, and most of them don’t realize their illness was caused by the jab.

According to VAERS (The US Government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System), as of December 2022, there have been…

33,334 deaths
35,666 life-threatening injuries
26,045 myocarditis / pericarditis cases
61,575 people left permanently disabled
187,676 hospitalizations
142,756 urgent care visits
218,777 doctors’ office visits

But since this system is voluntary, and all doctors hate doing the paperwork, it is estimated that this represents just 1% of the real injuries and deaths.

That’s why Dr. Proctor is so determined to get the truth out and save lives, especially those of the children, who are most at risk of complications.

“If you get this vax, you have a one in 13 chance of needing to seek medical treatment… And for God’s sakes, don’t give it to your children. We shouldn’t make that choice for them, to alter their DNA permanently. This vax alters your DNA. It goes against everything I was taught in med school.”


Dr. Proctor is just one of the 50+ brave doctors and experts who is willing to put their careers (and lives) on the line to get the truth out to the public.

You can hear all of their stories and testimonies in the breakthrough 9-part docu-series, Absolute Healing.

As the name suggests, this is not solely about the dangers of the CV vaccine, but also covers prevention and healing from many diseases.

This includes revolutionary methods for healing from CV vaccine injuries, and many other natural healing remedies that big pharma has suppressed.

Discover how to detox the jab toxins from your body, reverse damage done by the gene-altering mRNA vaccines, and heal naturally from all CV injuries.


Film-maker and natural health researcher Jonathan Otto has been connecting doctors like Dr. Proctor with vaccine injured victims.

He came across a woman named Cat, a former police officer, who now lives in excruciating pain every day since getting the CV vaccine.

Cat is part of a group of vaccine injured victims, and she has revealed that 20 people in her group have committed suicide in the past couple of months.

For some the physical pain is unbearable, for others they’ve been hit hard financially as they can’t work, but mostly, they don’t see any hope to recover.

Cat tells of Alex with a brain tumor, Dani who can’t walk because of constant body spasms, and another friend who was admitted to a mental institution.

In all cases, there is a direct correlation and causation with the CV vaccine.


We can no longer turn a blind eye to this situation, and ignore it.

The information that these doctors and experts present in this docu-series will change your views on everything.

There is new documentation on the coverup, scientific studies on the injured and dead, and hard data that they wish you would never see.

And if you know someone who is sick or injured (maybe they don’t know it’s from the vaccine yet), this docu-series gives natural solutions to heal them.

Plus, anyone who has taken the jab is currently living in no-mans land, waiting to step on a land mine, so have the cure ready in case of emergency.

Without a doubt, this will be one of the most important docu-series of 2023.

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