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8th Annual Quit Sugar Summit

Event Name: 8th Annual Quit Sugar Summit
Event Starts: 24th January 2022
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

“Sugar is a drug, just like alcohol and tobacco”
– Paul Van Der Velpen, Head of the Public Health Service of Amsterdam

And it’s a drug which causes serious damage to the body, and even death.

Like other drugs, it’s addictive, and is 8 times more addictive than cocaine!

So, it goes without saying, quitting sugar is not that easy.

You’ll need some help.

One of the first steps is to gain knowledge on just how bad sugar is for you.

For example, sugar depletes Vitamin C, nature’s best defense against toxins and pathogens inside your body, so you’ll be more susceptible to illnesses.

And just 1 teaspoon of sugar puts your immune system in a coma for hours!

Sugar causes nasty memory lapses, that over time have bad long term effects, so much so that Alzheimer’s is now being called Diabetes Type 3.

In fact, the brain is one of the organ’s most affected by sugar, and it’s the focus of the 8th Annual Quit Sugar Summit.

It’s a gathering of Ph.Ds, scientists, researchers, authors, chefs, and influencers, all with expertise in helping people quit sugar addictions.

You’ll hear their cutting-edge research, and their success with working with people to reverse diabetes, lose weight, and recover from serious illnesses.


You’ll also discover:

  • How sugar affects our moods, energy, libido, and happiness
  • Why some artificial sweeteners are even more dangerous than sugar
  • The powerful connection between sugar and aging, and the skin
  • How to get off depression medications by healing dopamine receptors
  • What physically happens to your body when you consume sugar
  • How to get natural and steady weight loss, without crazy exercises
  • Why sugar is public enemy #1 for weight loss
  • A study where 90% of type 2 diabetics reversed it within 6 months
  • The biggest mistakes when reducing sugar and carbs from the diet
  • How to have more energy without sugar, than you did when taking it

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