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17 Seconds to Success Masterclass

Event Name: 17 Seconds to Success Masterclass
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Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

Have you ever driven home, been talking to someone or listing to the radio in the car, and then after arriving, not being able to remember the drive home?

It’s because you drove home automatically using your subconscious mind, instead of thinking and doing it using your conscious mind.

Scientists say that the subconscious mind is 1 million times more powerful than the conscious mind, and it affects us in all areas of our lives.

And psychologists say that you have between 50,000 and 80,000 thoughts per day, of which 80% of those are negative, and this shapes our lives.

What if we were able to alter our programming through our subconscious mind, to make positive changes in our health, wealth, and relationships?


We can, and this is something that Jenny Harkleroad found out first hand.

Back in 2013, Jenny was hiking with her family, when she experienced an accident and broke her back, and had to be airlifted out in a helicopter.

She couldn’t move, sit, drive, or function, and was in constant extreme pain.

She tried everything from chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, and physical therapy, every day for a year, but nothing helped her recover.

Jenny eventually tried surgeries like having screws put in her back, but after it failed, doctors suggested she give up and just live on painkillers.

After living in misery for over 2 years, Jenny stumbled across a doctor who boldly suggested she could reprogram her mind and heal her body.

6 weeks later, she was completely healed, and doing handstands… literally.

Jenny was able to heal herself using nothing but the power of her mind.


Today, Jenny Harkleroad is a #1 best selling author, mind change teacher, in-demand speaker, and people hire her to transform their lives and wellbeing.

Jenny found out that the same techniques she used to transform her health, could also be used to transform other aspects in her life.

They also work on addictions, relationships, careers, emotions, & happiness.

Jenny discovered you have 3 minds, the conscious, the subconscious, and the super conscious mind, and by using the others you can change anything.

And I do mean anything… because many times after working with Jenny, her clients look different (better of course), as they had a huge energy change.


Jenny will be teaching her most guarded secrets on using your subconscious mind to transform your life, in her 17 Seconds to Success Masterclass.

It’s never before been released to the public, and I’m proud to say that the first people in the world to see it will be HealthGlade subscribers, like you.

You’ll learn the science behind manifestation, hear more about Jenny’s miracle recovery, and find out why the “17-second rule” is so important.

Jenny will also tell you about how to use a portal to transform any problem, or achieve any goal, in literally 15 minutes or less, by retraining your brain.


Remember, this is not a method that can only be used on health problems.

You can overcome financial struggles, repair broken relationships, banish any addiction, resolve past traumas, and experience extreme happiness.

Unlike other methods, Jenny’s neuroscience-based brain exercises have undergone testing by scientists, who have validated that they work.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief, said that these type of brain exercises are 1 million times more powerful than anything else you can do.

So what is it that you want to change, recover from, or achieve, in your life?


Join Jenny Harkleroad for her amazing 17 Seconds to Success Masterclass.

In this short 1-hour online event, you are going to learn the secrets behind this science, and be given a roadmap to achieving any goal you desire.

Whether you suffer from health problems, are short on cash, are low on love, or literally any issue you can think of, this is your ticket to changing your life.

Don’t miss attending this limited-time and exclusive event.

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