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10th Quit Sugar Summit

Event Name: 10th Quit Sugar Summit
Event Starts: 16th January 2023
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

The children are the target.

They are being poisoned at home, and at school.

With sugar.

It’s a toxin to both the brain and the body.

It’s the reason why children are getting fat, the reason why they are getting diabetes, and the reason why they can no longer learn in school.

Sugar poisons the mitochondria, so you can’t burn energy effectively.


The food industry has started to admit the damage that sugar has done, and recognizes that there must be a shift away from sugar and processed food.

And the “food experts” who used to back sugar are gone, and there is now nobody who is defending sugar as being part of a balanced diet.

But we don’t have time to wait around for the governments to change the policies and regulations regarding sugar in the food supply.

The 10th Quit Sugar Summit plans to get the information out now!


Getting sugar out of your and your family’s diets can help you boost your immune system, lose weight, and even stop cancer in its tracks.

Although you probably already know that it’s going to be great for your health, but are stuck wondering how it is going to be possible.

The 10th Quit Sugar Summit features the latest science, powerful stories, and life-changing info, which will change your relationship with sugar.

It features world-famous scientists, doctors, health coaches, therapists, addiction experts, investigative journalists, and professional chefs.


If sugar is still part of your diet, whether in small or large quantities, this summit will give you the info, tools, and motivation to say goodbye to sugar.

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