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Women’s Handbags are Festering with Bacteria

This video, Women’s Handbags are Festering wtih Bacteria, was filmed at Beemapally Mosque, in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India.

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Check out this Bacteria in Handbags video

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Imagine carrying around a toilet with you wherever you go. Well that is what women do, but they call it a handbag. In reality, its an object with one of the highest filth and disgust ratings of all, and in many cases is more dangerous to touch than a toilet.

These findings come from a British study, which found that the average handbag is 3 times dirtier than an office toilet seat, and that a good number of them can cause contamination just by picking them up by the handle of the bag.
An American test found they were much worse than an airplane toilet, German researchers found over 10,000 types of bacteria in their study, while a Mauritian study found Micrococcus and Staphylococcus Bacteria were common, as was Bacillus, which is disturbing, because it is normally found on dead or decaying material.

So why is this? Women take their handbags with them everywhere. Work, shopping, partying, nightclubs, wherever they go. They take it with them to the toilet, sometimes placing it on the railings or hooks, or next to the sink. When people flush the toilets, urine and fecal particles are sprayed around the room. If the bag is placed anywhere, it collects a load of harmful bacteria, but even if it’s not set down, just being in the toilet is enough as the bacteria is flying around in the air.

When they go to a restaurant, they place it on the table, or hanging on the seat, for more bacteria collection. In the car, it gets placed on the car seat or the floor, for more bacteria collection. You get where I am going with this. The handbag goes everywhere, and it collects bacteria everywhere.

Let’s compare it to men. They may have a wallet, but its inside their pocket. It is not exposed to flying fecal particles and it’s not thrown down on every surface they come across. The clothes of a man are exposed, but they get changed every day and washed.

Women also change their clothes and wash them after their day of bacteria collecting, but the handbag is the one item that escapes this ritual. It could be years before it gets a wipe down, let alone a thorough wash, so it has hundreds or maybe even thousands of days, one after another, where it collects bacteria, and collects dirt and filth.

Handbags may be the filthiest item every tested. To think that many women are mothers, and they often let the baby play with the bag, and then the baby puts their hand in the mouth afterwards. They may even chew straight on the bag or the bag handle. But also consider that every time a woman brings home her handbag, she puts it somewhere, like a table or kitchen countertop. That place is now contaminated with deadly bacteria.

Handbags are a major health concern, but the solution is surprisingly easy. Just wash them regularly. Wiping them with a wet cloth is better than nothing, or use some soapy water, or some essential oil solutions or safe household cleaning liquids. Please just wash them.

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