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Why 90% of People are now Deficient in Vital Minerals

How many vital minerals are you deficient in?

Recent studies have confirmed that over 90% of people in the world are deficient in one or more minerals that are VITAL for good health.

The main reason is that modern farming practices have depleted these vital minerals from our soil, leading to severe nutrient deficient food.

Foods (even as little as 100 years ago) provided everything our bodies needed to thrive, and survive, but today we are a sickly generation.

This is the reason why vitamin and mineral supplements are so popular, but synthetic man-made vitamins, or inorganic crushed metals, can’t be used.

The body will often reject them, and in some cases, they will even clog receptor sites within the body, so you can’t absorb any of the real stuff.

To put it simply, we must get our vitamins and minerals from other sources.


Research shows the best source of vitamins & minerals is Fulvic Minerals+.

It’s main ingredient is fulvic acid, well-known to be nature’s super-nutrient complex, as it contains organic substances that can’t be replicated in a lab.

Fulvic acid is formed as plant matter distills over many years into complex organic substances, which are a rich source of revitalizing compounds.

It can only be found in isolated deposits, in areas untouched by agriculture.

Studies have shown it improves digestion, strengthens immunity, improves energy levels, boosts memory and the brain, and removes free radicals.

Apart from providing nutrients directly, fulvic acid also raises your nutrient absorption rate, meaning you get more nutrition from the food you eat too.

And this optimization of cell function for nutrient absorption also allows for better removal of waste from the cell too, giving you enhanced detox effects.

But Fulvic Minerals+ also has added natural clinoptilolite zeolite, the master detoxifier, meaning that maximum heavy metals and toxins are removed.

In addition to that, they’ve also combined it with plant-based trace minerals.

It’s sourced from seaweed, so unlike rock-based minerals which can’t be fully absorbed, you get dozens of trace minerals in their most bioavailable form.


There’s many fulvic supplements on the market, but almost all have a mix of fulvic acid & humic acid, and have dangerously high levels of heavy metals.

Fulvic Minerals+ does not contain any humic acid, as it’s too contaminated, and the fulvic acid is only sourced from pristine peat bogs.

It has undergone extensive testing for heavy metals and purity, and independent labs have confirmed it is a clean, safe, and effective source.

The manufacturing process for Fulvic Minerals+ makes it so concentrated and pure that you only need to add a few drops to water or juice.

Fulvic Minerals s2

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This gives you a chance to test the product and notice the difference it makes once it replenishes your body with vitamins and minerals.

They do have a subscription plan (at a discounted rate), free shipping to most major countries, and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

One of the major reasons of illness is nutrient deficiency, and once optimal levels are restored, you’ll see magic happen.

Your energy will return to youthful levels, digestion will be improved, your brain will be sharp as ever, and you can recover from (and avoid) diseases.

I highly recommend you give Fulvic Minerals+ a try, because I know you’ll love having a nutrient rich and healthy body that functions properly again.

$5 can literally change your life.

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