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Vaccines Revealed: Covid Edition

Event Name: Vaccines Revealed: Covid Edition
Event Starts: 9th February 2021
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

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Vaccines Revealed: COVID Edition is about to be released.

Due to the censorship, it’s being kept a little hush for the moment,

So make sure you register to be emailed when it launches.


The doco-series will cover all the important COVID-19 topics.

Masks, social distancing, banned treatments, and lockdowns.

As well as the untested, unproven, DNA altering, MRNA vaccine.

It was produced in under 1 year, whereas it normally takes 8-10 years.

It skipped almost all the regular testing procedures.

And people have already started dropping dead after receiving it.

Plus, there’s no compensation for injuries as its for “an emergency”.

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