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Vaccine Secrets: Covid Crisis

Event Name: Vaccine Secrets: Covid Crisis
Event Starts: 30th August 2021
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

This is a new, groundbreaking 9-Episode docu-series called:

Vacci** Secrets: Cov** Crisis

I’m sure you can guess what the name is.

And I’m sure you can guess why I wasn’t allowed to write the full name.


I’m going to jump straight in and tell you what this series covers:

  • Is this injection really safe to take?
  • Why are so many miscarriages happening after taking the injection?
  • Why are U.S. corporations making “contingency plans” for the deaths of their employees who’ve received the injection?
  • Why is the injection causing so many blood clots and strokes?
  • How many adverse reactions are really happening after taking the injection and why isn’t this number being accurately reported?
  • Can this injection permanently impact my brain health? (Sadly, the research shows YES it’s very possible…)
  • Were tests manipulated to provide false positives and/or negatives?
  • Why would certain doctors I interviewed say things like, “these are not miscarriages, they are murders”?
  • What can you do if you’ve already gotten the injection? Are you safe?
  • What would cause the medical and scientific community to sweep all of this under the rug and tell us this injection is 100% safe?
  • What’s really in the Cov** injections? Why are they unlike any other vaccines?
  • Top doctors explain how messenger RNA can change the expression of your genes — permanently
  • Why are so many double-vaccinated people dying from Cov** if the vaccines are so effective?
  • Why the “government experts” and the mainstream media keep pushing masks when so many scientific studies have proven they’re ineffective
  • How Cov** injections are affecting fertility and menstruation

This is huge!

Easily the most comprehensive docu-series on Cov** Vacci*** in the world.

But, I’m going to give a small disclaimer.

I personally don’t believe in everything this docu-series covers.

So watch it yourself, do your own research, and form your own conclusions.

(Which is what you should always do anyway)


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