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Uncovering the Secrets to Longevity: Live Beyond the Norms

Event Name: Uncovering the Secrets to Longevity: Live Beyond the Norms
Event Starts: 26th February 2024
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

Do you want to live longer?

This is a question often asked by longevity expert, Chris Burres.

You may be surprised to hear that the most common answer is No.

The reason for this is that people believe living longer just means adding a few years where they are living in a frail and debilitated condition.

Like using a walker, carrying an oxygen tank, or having diseases of aging.

But if you change the question to do you want to live a lot longer, with a good mental and physical capacity, and in a healthy state, people always say Yes.


Chris Burres is the Chief Scientist of MyVitalC, whose molecule was used in the single longest longevity experimental result on mammals in history.

He is hosting Uncovering the Secrets to Longevity: Live Beyond the Norms, along with 50 other experts who really understand the aging process.

Their insights will show you exactly how to slow or halt aging, how to extend your healthy lifespan, and ultimately, live a much longer and happier life.

We can now defy age-related illnesses, frailty, memory loss, and much more.

You can look younger, feel younger, have full mental acuity, be in excellent health, and life live with a purpose, fulfillment, and full of great relationships.

There is currently a quantum shift in the research and medical communities’ beliefs about longevity, and this summit puts you right at the forefront.

It’s time to rewrite the aging narrative… and it all starts here.


You’ll also discover:

  • 6 biohacking secrets for longevity
  • Why you body is a battery, and how to keep it charged
  • How to slow or stop cellular aging
  • Why toothpaste is toxic, and how it relates to aging
  • Tips from the editor of Biohackers Magazine
  • How morning sunshine can transform your health
  • Can you have diabetes without knowing it?
  • Why protein is so important for longevity
  • Supplement quality, especially on Amazon
  • The 5R protocol for healthy hair and skin
  • Strategies to counter balding and greying hair
  • All about stem cells, peptides, and newer therapies
  • A sitting ritual that can reduce mortality by 40%
  • How to use genetic & functional testing for longevity
  • Identifying YOUR perfect diet for aging well
  • Insights from people who have lived well past 90

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