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Toxic Mold Solutions

Event Name: The Toxic Mold Summit
Event Starts: 26th April 2021
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

I first learnt about toxic mold from the Dave Asprey documentrary, Moldy.

It’s a massive eye opener.

Without doubt, it’s a documentary everyone should watch.

Even small exposures to mold can kill you.

It’s that dangerous.

Here are a couple of free resources:

Dave Asprey Interview:

Moldy Extended Preview:


That’s the education side of things.

For the solutions, and/or prevention, you can download this for free:

Advanced Mold Immune eCourse (Illustrated) Module 1

It’s a 68 page eCourse with all the solutions to regain your health.

And, it’s not just the written version you receive …

but they will send you a link to an animated video on mold!

Considering mold is lurking in 50% of homes, make sure you download it.

It may save your life.


Plus, you’ll also receive a free ticket to the Toxic Mold Summit.

It’s a replay of last years successful event with over 45 Mold Experts.

You will learn how to identify and address mold in your home.

As well as key healing strategies, so mold doesn’t stand a chance.


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