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Top 5 Natural Solutions for Skin Tags


Apple Cider Vinegar – It’s got hundreds of uses around the house and for personal health issues, and getting rid of skin tags is one of them. Simply pour a little apple cider vinegar onto a cotton ball, and tape it over the top of the skin tag. You can leave it on overnight and take it off in the morning. After a couple of days of this, the skin tag should turn black and fall off. It can burn a little, and if the skin tag is close to your head around, the fumes can irritate your eyes, mouth, and nose.



Banana Peel – You’ve got to stop throwing away your banana peels, as they have a lot of great benefits for your skin, and this includes helping to get rid of skin tags. It is believed that the skins antioxidant properties help to dry out the skin tag and make it fall off. Cut a piece of the banana peel off, enough to cover the skin tag, and then fasten it in position with a bandage. It may take a while, so do it every night until the skin tag falls off.



Garlic – One of the world’s oldest medicines, although usually taken internally, has a few benefits when applied to areas on the outside of the body, most commonly putting it in your ear to cure ear infections, then after that to vanquish skin tags. Crush a portion of garlic and then apply it over the skin tag, and seal it with a band-aid or bandage and leave it overnight. Repeat it as many times as needed, until the skin tag shrinks and disappears. Be careful as too much garlic can burn the skin.



Tea Tree Oil – Known for its anti-fungal properties, tea tree oil is a favorite among naturopaths. Simply apply a few drops of tea tree oil on the skin tag using a cotton swab or Q-tip, massage it in, and then leave it overnight covered with a bandage. After a few nights of this, the skin tag should dry out and fall off. Be careful as tea tree oil is very powerful and will burn the skin. You may want to dilute it in a carrier oil, or be cautious and only leave it on for 10 minutes. Don’t use it near your eyes either.



DermaCorrect – This is a formula made from all-natural steam-distilled essential oils, offering a safe, pain-free, and fast acting solution which works on all skin types in as little as 8 hours. DermaCorrect has been formulated to remove skin tags without any scarring, by drying them up rather than burning them off. They claim that their formula is 8x more powerful than the 2nd leading skin tag removal product on the market. Although this is a paid product, it does work far quicker than the other 4 solutions listed above, and is much safer, without any dangers.

You can try out DermCorrect by clicking this link. (Available to US, Canada, Ireland, Australia, and Mexico residents only)