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The Unknown Dangers of Tea Bags

This video, The Unknown Dangers of Tea Bags, was filmed at Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple & Maha Chips nearby, in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India.

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Tea. It can sometimes be a healthy drink, while other times, you are just drinking a chemical concoction. This is not to do with organic versus non-organic, and of course you should always drink organic tea, but rather it is to do with tea bags.

Tea bags were first produced as sewn paper bags, with modern ones having hand sewn fabric bags. Nowadays tea bags are made with plastics such as nylon, pvc, polypropylene, or thermoplastic. All of these break down when added to the hot liquid tea, and leach dangerous chemicals into your drink. In fact, Canadian researchers found that a single tea bag releases about 12 billion microplastic particles when added to boiling water.

These microplastics can actually permeate your intestinal walls, and travel to the organs and lymph nodes, where they take up permanent residence. Another property of microplastics is that they can absorb cancer causing chemicals, and considering that the hot tea promotes the release of them from the plastic tea bags, you are almost certainly depositing carcinogen laced microplastics in your vital organs every time you drink a cup of tea.

Some tea bags still use paper, and some of these are safe, but the majority are not. This is because the paper is always treated with some sort of substance, with the most common being epichlorophydrin. It’s a popular pesticide, which turns into 3-MCPD when it makes contact with water. 3-MCPD is a known carcinogen, which can cause infertility and suppresses the immune system.

So what do you do if you still want to drink tea? Organic loose tea is the best option, or use a paper tea bag which is certified safe. For my personal recommendations on safe tea options, visit my website at