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The Truth About Microplastics in Salt

One of the most popular videos I have made is Table Salt is made from Crude Oil Waste, which covers the origins, and the chemicals in table salt.

People still email me about it to this day, as they are learning the dangers.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can WATCH IT HERE.

Once you watch the video, you will never want to eat table salt again.

So what are the alternatives?

There are 2 main ones – Himalayan Pink Salt, and Sea Salt.

But both of them have their problems too.

The Himalayan Pink Salt is often contaminated with heavy metals and other impurities, plus many companies selling it are outright dodgy.

With Sea Salt, the main problem is microplastics and polluted oceans.

I could probably do another video on Sea Salt, but THIS PAGE has done a great job outlining the dangers, and I recommend reading it.

A Greepeace study found 90% of salt is contaminated with microplastics.

They discovered up to 1,679 microplastics in each kilo of salt tested.

Another study found that the average adult consumes approximately 2,000 microplastics per year, and that is just from eating salt.

These microplastics have been proven to cause damage to the intestines, liver, and kidneys, and wreak havoc upon your body’s hormones.

Salt is a crucial mineral, but if you are eating salt with microplastics, it’s doing more harm than good, and dare I say, is slowly killing you.

Once you eat microplastics, they remain inside you forever, leaching their toxic chemicals into your bloodstream.

The only solution is to switch your salt supply to one without microplastics.

Colima Sea Salt is a brand I can recommend, because…

They actually get their salt tested, and contains 0% microplastics.

It’s 100% natural, unrefined, hand-made, hand-harvested, and safe, sea salt.

And because of the seas it is harvested from, their salt is abundantly rich in magnesium, a mineral that 2/3 of people are deficient in.

For HealthGlade subscribers, we’ve organized a special promotional offer of a 1/2 pound bag for free.

Yes, a whole bag of their microplastic free salt for FREE!

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