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The One Stretch Which Stops Lower Back Pain and Sciatica

As a child, Emily Lark was involved in a near fatal car accident.

It left her severely debilitated by back pain, for nearly her whole life.

She tried doctors, chiropractors, and therapists, but none of them worked.

Her pain was so bad she could barely move, and felt like her life was over.

Until she discovered one simple stretch, which stops lower back pain and sciatica dead in its tracks, often within seconds.

Yes, this is a true story, and you can hear it first hand by clicking here.


People in the natural health community know that the body is self healing.

When Emily discovered this, she knew there must be blockages.

And it was just a matter of finding the right movements to “unclog” the blockages, and allow the healing to occur.

She became aware of a newly rediscovered, ancient lower back stretch.

Just 30 seconds of this stretch unlocks a tight little muscle, which you have probably never heard of, and it releases the lower back immediately.

It gives permanent natural relief for lower back pain and sciatica.

As well as upper back pain, back stiffness, and neck and shoulder pain.

Additional benefits include having less daytime fatigue, increased energy, more production of serotonin and better moods, and loss of belly fat.


Fast forward, Emily is now a world renown back pain expert, featured on major TV networks, who has taught this technique to thousands of people.

She helped to relieve them of their back pain and sciatica problems, and you can hear multiple testimonies from people who she has changed their lives.

Can one stretch really stop lower back pain and sciatica for good?

Listen to Emily’s story, and her client testimonials, and decide for yourself.

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