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The Kitchen Item that is Dirtier than a Toilet

This video, The Kitchen Item that is Dirtier than a Toilet, was filmed at Jatayu Earth’s Center, in Chadayamangalam, Kerala, India.

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What kitchen item can be more dirtier than your toilet? The sponge and / or the dishcloth (depending on where you are from).

There have been a lot of studies done on the kitchen sponge, and they have been found to be jam packed with bacteria. There are 2 main reasons why. Firstly, they are moist and have lot of nooks and crannies, making it the perfect environment for them to multiply in. Secondly, the sponge comes into contact with tiny food particles, providing them with the food they need to grow.

NSF International found that 77% of sponges contained coliform bacteria, 18% had the highly dangerous staph bacteria, and a whopping 86% had deadly yeast and mold. Tests done by German Researchers found 362 types of bacteria, which is more than a typical toilet, and at a density of up to 45 billion bacteria per square centimetre.

Apart from the Staphylococcus I mentioned before, other dangerous bacterias were also found, including Klebsiella and Salmonella, all of which can lead to death.

If you think you can just wash them off, think again. The researchers also tested popular cleaning methods, including microwaving and bleaching them. Many of the bacteria were resistant to any cleaning, and worse still, it killed off some weaker ones, giving more space for the stronger ones to expand their colonies into.

Using a sponge or dishcloth is definitely a health risk, but we need to use something right? Thankfully, there are safer alternatives to clean your dishes with, and you can find them by visiting my website at