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The Hamburg Syndrome

The Hamburg Syndrome is a Sci-Fi Film from 1979, about a pandemic. Produced in Germany, and in the German language, it is available online with English subtitles.

It is a classic example of predictive programming. While Hollywood has pumped out over 100 pandemic and virus related predictive programming movies in the past decade, The Hamburg Syndrome stands out for it’s uncanny resemblance to what we see today with COVID-19.

Interestingly, it was produced 40 years before COVID-19 was (supposedly) identified. 40 = 20 + 20. = 2020 – the year of the plandemic.

This is a short compilation clip to demonstrate the predictive programming.

I GUARANTEE you will be shocked at how eerily similar it is to what we see today.

You will see:

  • “Asymptomatic” people who are aware they are not sick
  • Governments restricting movement and travel
  • Quarantining in “health camps”
  • Ostracizing of people who flaunt the new government rules
  • Forced mass vaccination and smart people trying to escape the vaccines
  • Government workers in full body suits
  • Forced mask wearing
  • Forced quarantines
  • Politicians gloating over the scam (and mention of climate change being a scam too)
  • People wearing plastic over all of their body
  • Logic that other things like bad foods and radiation cause disease
  • That masks don’t work and they are only to make money
  • Terrain theory being behind the reason why people get sick, not germ theory
  • The claim that viruses enter the mucous membranes in the eyes



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