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The Filtered Water That Can Double Life Spans

Event Name: Japanese Scientists Discover Miracle Healing Water
Event Starts: 17th August 2023
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Every single person on the planet MUST be filtering their water.

The water you get from the government (and even from wells, the rain, and bottles) is just not safe to drink.

Most people know about the heavy metals in well water, the air pollutants in rain water, and the gender-bending plastics leaching into bottled water.

But without doubt the worst water of all is what comes out of your tap.

It’s got herbicides, pesticides, prescription medications, teflon particles, birth control pills, animal feeds, cleaning products, hand sanitizers, and more.

They come from humans urinating them out, the rain washing them off farms, or household and industrial products being dumped after use.

All of these get into the waterways and water supply, and there have been multiple major testing efforts to prove these chemicals are in the water.

It’s so bad that due to the hormones in the water supply, male fish are becoming feminized and producing eggs for reproduction.

And tests on fish in the great lakes showed 50% of them had psychiatric drugs in their brains and in their organs.

No ifs, and no buts, tap water is incredibly bad for you to drink.


But which filter is the best for your health?

As you can probably imagine, the cheap plastic ones don’t do much at all, and for most of what is listed above, they have no chance of removing.

You need to get a proper kitchen unit that has the ability to get those harmful toxins out of your water.

Alkalizing water filters have been all the rage recently, but it turns out that the alkaline water does nothing at all for your health, and may even damage it.

There are thousands of testimonials of people who used alkaline water and got some great health benefits, but it turns out that it wasn’t from alkalinity.

In the studies that showed benefits from drinking alkaline water, when you removed the hydrogen gas, there were no benefits at all to the drinker.

So all of the health benefits were mostly coming from the hydrogen in the water, as well as the minerals it gave being beneficial too.

When the hydrogen producing water filters were tested, they gave the drinkers an even greater level of health benefits, often curing many diseases.

Which is why a hydrogen water filter is easily the best way to filter water.


Looking into the science behind why hydrogen water filters are so good, is because hydrogen is the most profoundly effective antioxidant.

Free radicals from EMFs, GMOs, chemicals etc damage our DNA and destroy our bodies, but hydrogen is the best free radical destroyer.

Even well known antioxidants like Vitamin C and CoQ10 are not as powerful as hydrogen, as hydrogen selectively targets the most harmful free radicals.

One of the reasons that we are getting so sick and having so many diseases and body wastage as we age is that our guts are damaged and not healthy.

Normally, healthy guts make between 7 to 10 liters of hydrogen per day, but when they are damaged, it can be almost nothing.

This leaves us with a massive hydrogen shortfall, allowing the free radicals to harm our bodies and create disease.

But drinking hydrogen water doesn’t just give us our missing hydrogen, but it facilitates the return of a healthy microbiome that can make hydrogen again.


Hydrogen also supercharges the use of other minerals to fight disease.

In fact, here are 7 common diseases that hydrogen water is known to help:

  1. Diabetes – improves fat and glucose metabolism
  2. Arthritis – slows progression and relieves symptoms
  3. Heart Attacks – greatly improves recovery after them
  4. Cancer – shrinks and suppresses growth of cancer cells
  5. Brain – protects against neurological damage and injury
  6. Bones – supports and creates strong bones and muscles
  7. Autoimmune – helps against lupus, Hashimoto’s, Graves

There are over 1,000 studies and 170 human disease models proving that hydrogen has benefits for those 7 conditions, and much more.

Hydrogen water is great for infectious diseases, like Lyme, and for those with chronic fatigue, it will absolutely give you a massive energy boost.

There was even an interesting study done where they put some cut flowers in a vase, and they found that hydrogen water double their life span.

The health benefits of drinking from a water filter that adds hydrogen back in are so remarkable that 50% of people in Japan now drink hydrogen water.


The info above is only scratching the surface, and to learn more about water filters and hydrogen water, I recommend watching this incredible webclass.

Japanese Scientists Discover Miracle Healing Water will teach you about The Filtered Water That Can Double Life Spans​​, and much more.

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