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The Drugging of our Children Video Review

This powerful documentary starts off with the story of a high school boy who held his class hostage at gun point. We soon learn that he has no recollection of the event, and the incident was caused by the psychotropic drugs he was prescribed by doctors. This is the start of a journey down a path where we learn that prescription medicines are not all that they seem.

The man behind The Drugging of our Children is respected documentary maker Gary Null. He exposes the huge profits pharmaceutical companies are making from imaginary diseases by turning normal individuals into lifetime customers. The main culprits are drugs such as Ritalin and Prozac, which are prescribed for conditions such as ADD and Depression, which seems to be diagnosed in every child who is slightly more active or different from the ‘normal’ child.

One of the points that Null raises is that just a generation ago there was nobody on these mind-altering drugs, but now the numbers of children being prescribed these medications is astronomical. The spike was seen in the late 80’s, where schools were effectively given commissions for the number of students on these drugs, and poor families were also bribed. It is amazing how this ‘disease’ jumped over so many generations and then they have the nerve to call it ‘genetic’.

This isn’t to say that there is not a problem with the current generation of children. In previous generations children were not being as naughty or disruptive in class, suicides were extremely rare, and a child taking a gun to school to kill their classmates was unheard of. Null shows that the answer does not come from treating a magical new genetic problem, but instead from tackling the issues of too much TV and video games, environmental exposure to chemicals such as lead, taking alcohol, cigarettes or drugs during pregnancy, diets stacked with toxins, or even the psychotropic prescription drugs themselves.

Another piece of proof is that the childhood behaviour problem is primarily limited to countries such as the US, UK, and Australia, and is not a worldwide phenomenon. The psychotic behaviour of children on these drugs was known even as far back as the Prozac clinical studies, where participants had fantasies of murdering their classmates. Even the drug package inserts admit these horrible side-effects, but who has time to read them these days.

Michael Moore is one of the interviewees in this documentary, and he sums it up perfectly when he mentions that the pharmaceutical companies tell you that being a child is a disease, and you somehow need to medicate it. Further interviews with experts are presented, along with startling evidence of the pharmaceutical companies hiding data, covering up facts, and paying off professionals in the medical field so that they can keep on making massive profits from their highly dangerous medications.

The cold hard truth is that children are dying from these medications. The side effects are also causing them to murder their classmates, parents and siblings. If parents notice psychological changes in their children and want to take them off the drugs, they are being threatened with jail. The only winners in all this are the pharmaceutical companies and the governments from their political donations.

This documentary is an absolute must watch for anyone who has a family member or friend on any type of depression or ADD/ADHD medication, and is also crucial viewing for anyone with young children in school. As you will see in the documentary, innocent parents are punished by having their children branded with imaginary problems, and sometimes even have their children taken from them. The importance of learning the information featured in The Drugging of our Children can not be stressed enough.