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The Chinese Vaccine Paradox

This video, The Chinese Vaccine Paradox, was filmed at Gangaramaya Temple, in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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China products. We know they are unsafe. It seems like every few months there is a warning on the news about yet another product from China found to be tainted with poisonous chemicals, or defective in design.

Some of them have been defective physical products that cause injury or death, like chairs or baby cribs, but most have been where poisonous substances have been deliberately added to the products. They were caught coating children’s toys with lead-based paint, and also hiding it in jewellery, and children’s crayons. They hid mercury in their skin creams, and bacteria in other cosmetics.

The food supply was also tainted. One of the biggest was the melamine scandal, which was found in baby formula, leading to many babies getting sick, and some even dying. They were also found to be putting diethylene glycol in toothpaste, leading to mass poisonings. Even pets were not spared, with many animals dying from contaminated pet food.

Take a look at organic food from China. People won’t even eat it, because they just don’t trust products from China anymore, even when certified organic. And rightly so, because you can’t trust any Chinese product to not be contaminated with poisons.

But here is the irony. No matter how many product poisoning scandals there are, there is one product from China that people never question the safety of, and will never refuse based on the country of origin. Vaccines.

For some reason, vaccines get a free pass. All vaccines are made there. But to this day I have never heard of a pro-vaccine person refusing a vaccine because it was made in China.

The funny thing is that we know they are contaminated with poisons. Vaccines have mercury, aluminium, formaldehyde, and they have even found parasites and cancer causing viruses in some vaccines.

At present the US officials are worried about the Chinese stranglehold over their drug supply, as current tensions between the countries give rise to the possibility that China could weaponize medications and vaccines supplied to US citizens, or for that matter, anywhere in the world.

Imagine that: China could provide vaccines which deliberately maim or kill people. What about if the effects took years to notice, slowly leaving people physically or mentally incapacitated. Hang on, doesn’t this sound like the US population already?

Silly pro-vaxxers. Send back your tainted baby formulas, toothpastes, and toys, but never question the safety of a vaccine from China.

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