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The CEO of Aging

Event Name: The CEO of Aging
Event Starts: 11th December 2023
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

Dr. Ron Rosedale has dedicated the last 30 years of his life to uncovering the true causes of aging (what speeds it up, and what slows it down).

What he found was a groundbreaking science-backed discovery that not only makes you look and feel younger, but also keeps nasty diseases at bay.

It’s come at a crucial time too, with our average lifespans reducing sharply.

In fact, we are now aging faster than we did at 50 or even 100 years ago.

Even accounting for the last 20-30 years of our lives being sick or in pain.

So let me ask you… Are you aging too fast?

Do you have obesity, diabetes, cancer, digestive issues, low energy, brain fog, chronic pain, or heart, neurodegenerative, or autoimmune disease?

You see, all of these are symptoms of rapid aging.

If you’ve got just one of these, then it’s a sign you are aging too fast.

And if you’ve got more than, then you are in real trouble.


We’re told that we can’t do anything about getting old, but it’s just not true.

Dr. Ron, like all scientists, knows that our cells are constantly under attack.

But the secret revolves around decreasing damage, and increasing repair.

Under normal conditions, our cells and internal bacteria work harmoniously and collectively as one, and ill health comes from cellular miscommunication.

One cell doesn’t know what the other is doing, the brain doesn’t know what the body is doing, and the body doesn’t know when to store fat or burn it.

The body doesn’t know when to turn off inflammation, what’s foreign or what is part of the body, or when to put calcium in bones instead of the arteries.

Everything is going haywire, creating the perfect conditions for rapid aging.

So how do we fix this?


Dr. Ron’s discovery involves something he has named “The CEO of Aging”.

It’s a metabolic switchboard, an enzyme, and a small protein with a huge function within the body, acting as your lifespan controller.

Hidden deep inside your body, it can literally dictate how fast you age.

If you can learn how to control this “switchboard”, you reduce the cellular miscommunication, therefore decreasing cell damage, and increasing repair.

What you eat, your activity levels, toxin exposure, handling of stress, sleep quality, and relationship happiness all send signals to your CEO of Aging.

And the CEO makes the final call on whether you die, or become ageless.


Discover how to influence and control your CEO of Aging in this 90-minute masterclass with acclaimed metabolic doctor, Dr. Ron Rosedale.

It’s normally sold for $500, but is now playing for free for a limited time.

You’ll learn how to ward off chronic disease, boost your energy, get vibrant skin, reclaim a sharpened mind, and most of all, increase your lifespan.

You won’t hear this from your doctors or mainstream media – only here.


Plus, you’ll find out:

  • The 5 biggest aging myths that keep you looking and feeling older
  • How to keep your body in a constant state of youthful cell repair
  • The 3 key hormones that can accurately predict how fast you age
  • 5 game-changing steps that keep your cells, skin, and organs young
  • The key enzyme that goes absolutely haywire in cancer patients
  • What foods are kryptonite to the CEO of Aging (must avoid them)
  • The “longevity way of eating” that keeps you youthful till 70, 80, 90+
  • A simple dietary change that extended the life of rodents by 33%
  • The quickest and easiest way to get slimmer… at any age
  • How to ask the CEO of aging to delay wrinkles and grey hair


The CEO of Aging Masterclass features all of this information, and is presented in a smooth-paced and entertaining format over just 90 minutes.

You can get immediate anti-aging results with what you will learn in the presentation, once you press your body’s hidden “anti-aging button”.

It doubles your energy, clears brain fog, and turns back the clock 10 years.

Dr. Ron is one of the world’s preeminent anti-aging experts, so don’t miss this chance to learn his secrets directly from him in this masterclass.

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